Corporate Social Responsibility

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Being surrounded by acres of farmland in south central Pennsylvania has its benefits – beautiful scenery, historic parks, mild winters, and thoughtful neighbors to name a few. At the end of each summer, the farmer down the street from our manufacturing warehouse brings by several dozen ears of corn. Enough actually, for each member of […]

Achieving a Healthy Bottom Line

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It is no secret that as the world gets smaller; the people who inhabit it are getting larger. Our jobs and our lifestyles, no longer warrant the inexpensive high calorie diets so readily available to most of us. Developed industrial nations especially, are prone to sedentary lifestyles wherein most people spend their 9 to 5 […]

Chocolate Lover’s Edition

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, we thought we’d share some thoughts on most everybody’s favorite confection – chocolate! While it’s true that many more confectionaries can and are made using continuous processors, we think chocolate deserves its very own forum. We will discuss a bit of the process science involved; some health facts, and finally […]

Daylight Saving

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Does Continuous Processing have its roots in Daylight Savings? Among many things, Ben Franklin is credited with the concept of Daylight Saving Time. It does appear rather Franklin like to want to ‘make the best use of daylight hours.’  Franklin witnessed firsthand the productivity and innovation inspired by the industrial revolution taking place in England […]

What drives Innovation?

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What drives innovation? Any business major or company exec knows what a SWOT analysis is. A simple internal brainstorming session can produce a laundry list of strengths, weaknesses, and threats, but what about those opportunities? Do you know what they are? Do you know how to obtain them? Are they attainable? Discovering opportunities often requires […]

Special Edition: Take way from BMA15

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I recently had the pleasure and the privilege to attend BMA15, the Business Marketing Association’s annual conference in Chicago, IL. This year close to 1000 marketers from over 400 companies arrived in Chicago excited and ready to be inspired by the latest marketing trends, learn from the newest insights, and of course – to network. […]

It’s all in the Understanding

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Recently, one of our sales engineers made a trip overseas to help in a process test utilizing one of our 5” Continuous Processors (CP). The machine was being used to process a Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) consisting of calcium carbonate, thickener, epoxy resin, peroxide, and 1” chopped fiberglass strands. The goal for the SMC was […]

A Day in the Life: Readco’s Service Team

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Recently, a member of Readco’ service team travelled to a client’s production facility to oversee the replacement of several key components of a Readco 8” Continuous Processor, installation of new elements, and support the start-up operations. The top end of the CP’s transmission needed to be rebuilt due to normal wear and tear of continuous […]

Employee Spotlight – Trisha Love

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For this month’s Readco Kurimoto, LLC employee spotlight, Trisha Love is being recognized. Trisha has been with team Readco team for for just over a year now. Trisha’s current title is Controller and in this position she is responsible for Human Resources, Finances, and she also is involved in the Safety Committee. Prior to coming […]

Employee Spotlight – David Sieglitz

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For this month’s Readco Kurimoto, LLC employee spotlight, David Sieglitz is being recognized. David has been with team Readco since 2006 and will begin his eleventh year with Readco this June! David has been President at Readco since 2011. Before becoming President, David managed Readco’s engineering department. As President of Readco, David is responsible for […]