Batteries require consistent and reliable industrial mixing capabilities for a variety of gels, pastes, slurries, and powders used in battery construction. At Readco Kurimoto, our proprietary continuous mixing solutions help battery original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to mix and react raw materials simultaneously while carefully metering each material for optimal chemistry.

Battery & Energy Key Standards and Other Capabilities

Batteries rely heavily on various chemical reactions to generate the flow of electrons and charged ions that generate electrical current. The electrodes and electrolytes used to achieve this vary depending on the type of battery, how it works, its storage capacity, and its voltage needs.

The Readco Kurimoto team will fully customize your industrial mixing machine to suit the precise requirements and specifications of your battery application. Our solutions provide an efficient means for mixing high-viscosity materials through gentle kneading that effectively disperses materials. We combine multiple steps in one single-pass operation, allowing you to increase production capacities with a smaller equipment footprint, lower overall production costs, and increase quality control capabilities. 

In comparison with standard batch mixing, our continuous processing solutions:

  • Improve safety for operators by reducing exposure to hazardous materials during operation. 
  • Eliminate the need to climb inside the mixer vessel during cleaning.
  • Less waste and clean-up due to self-wiping capabilities. 
  • Trade residence time for mixing intensity, ensuring more reliable chemical reactions at a faster pace. 
  • Increase formulation material consistency.
  • Complete dispersion of Teflon and carbon black in lithium-ion battery pastes.

Some of the battery applications served by our equipment include:

  • Lead acid (automotive, small UPS, emergency lighting, wheelchairs, power backups for cellular repeater towers, internet hubs, forklifts)
  • Lithium-ion (smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, wearable electronics, power tools, lawn mowers, landscaping tools, e-bikes)
  • Grid storage
  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Engineered fuels

Our industrial mixing solutions for the battery sector follow all relevant quality and engineer standards, including:

  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62133-2:2017 Lithium-Ion Standards
  • IEC 60095-1:2018 Lead Acid Standards
  • Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

For more information on batch mixing vs. continuous processing, here are 10 reasons that continuous processing is better than batch mixing.


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Continuous Processor for Battery Applications from Readco Kurimoto, LLC

Creating high-quality battery products requires reliable industrial mixing capabilities. The Readco Continuous Processor features superior homogenization, making it ideal for battery and battery paste production. Our machine has been used successfully in alkaline, lead acid, lithium-ion, ni-cad, and nickel hydroxide battery manufacturing. To see how we can help your operation, please contact us today.



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