Industries Served

Food & Confectionary

Appearance, flavor, texture—candy and confectionery buyers care about these attributes, and they expect a consistent experience each time they open a package or wrapper. With a Readco machine you can expect to deliver that experience continuously. LEARN MORE >


The chemical sector requires advanced equipment to facilitate carefully balanced chemical reactions. Our machines have been designed to accommodate continuous devolatilization of high-viscosity and/or “sticky” materials under various adjustable levels of vacuum. LEARN MORE >

Pet Food & Care

For our animal companions, we would do almost anything! Our Readco machines are trusted to make high-quality products for them. Such as pet food, treats, medications, and supplements. Let us help you keep pets everywhere happy and healthy! LEARN MORE >

Pharma / Nutraceutical

If you require reliable continuous manufacturing equipment for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products, we can provide you with the systems you need. LEARN MORE >

Specialty Materials

For manufacturers that work with unique materials, it can be difficult to identify an ideal industrial mixing solution. We offer a range of industrial mixing solutions to help our customers handle high-viscosity pastes and slurries, as well as other difficult materials. LEARN MORE >

Building Products

A variety of building products use our continuous manufacturing equipment because of the many benefits they offer and it’s a highly efficient method of mixing doughs and pastes of high viscosity levels. LEARN MORE >

Sealants & Adhesives

Efficiently producing sealants, adhesives, and coatings requires continuous batch processing. Our equipment allows for efficient moisture and solvent removal to ensure product quality. LEARN MORE >

Battery & Energy

Batteries require consistent and reliable industrial mixing capabilities for a variety of gels, pastes, slurries, and powders used in battery construction. We help battery OEMs to mix and react raw materials simultaneously while carefully metering each material for optimal chemistry. LEARN MORE >

We strive to be the acknowledged experts in continuous processing and therefore the preferred partner in helping our clients succeed in their industry.

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Continuous Processor

Continuous Processor

The Readco Continuous Processor is a continuous mixer and reactor used to process food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals. We designed them to mix one or more dry materials with one or more liquid materials continuously, producing a homogenous product at the discharge end of the unit. The variable configuration of its co-rotating mixing elements and feed ports allows it to process a wide array of products. It makes the continuous processor ideal for large-scale manufacturing operations where downtime can be costly. The Continuous Processor is customized for specific manufacturing applications with its configurable mixing action, ensuring the thorough mixing of formulations for consistent quality results. The Continuous Processor's optional easy-to-use interface is perfect for busy production environments.

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Self-Contained Processor

Self-Contained Processor

The Self-Contained Processor is an innovative heat transfer process that uses hollow counter-rotating shafts and a jacketed barrel, each with its independent temperature controls. It creates a continuous, stable, and efficient heat transfer source using heating or cooling mediums. Additionally, the SCP is highly effective at processing materials that transition through difficult phase changes. It allows for a much higher control level over the processing temperature, making it an ideal choice for applications where precise temperatures are critical. The Self-Contained Processor also offers several other advantages, including a compact footprint and the ability to be easily integrated into existing production lines.

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Continuous Hybrid Reactor

Continuous Hybrid Reactor

The Continuous Hybrid Reactor is highly effective in applications requiring heat, vacuum, and oxygen-free environments and applicable in producing chemicals, plastics, food, and pharmaceuticals. It uses high temperature and deep vacuum, combined with strategically designed paddles that continuously agitate the material. It exposes the material to more surface area, assisting with reactions, polymerization, and removing monomers, volatiles, moisture, or off-gasses from your product. The Continuous Hybrid Reactor offers many advantages over batch reactors, including increased efficiency and throughput, consistent product quality, and less waste. These reactors process materials sensitive to heat or light, making them an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

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Containerized Batch Mixer

Containerized Batch Mixer

Our Containerized Batch Mixer is a powder mixer and processing system comprised of a drive station, process module, and high-speed impeller assembly for intimate blending and fine dispersion. This type of system is often used in various industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, plastics, food, and beverage, for mixing different dry ingredients with up to 15% liquid by weight. The removable high-speed impeller of a Containerized Batch Mixer creates a vortex within the vessel. This allows for the intimate mixing of all ingredients as the impeller tumbles. Additionally, the impeller is integrated into the lid of the processing module, eliminating possible cross-contamination between continuous batches. These features set it apart from other tumble blenders, resulting in a more homogeneous final product with a more refined particle size distribution. Our design enables you to charge, blend, and discharge in one continuous cycle reducing cycle time by 50% or more!

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Readco Kurimoto, LLC is a global leader in innovative continuous processing solutions, with a complete line of high-performance mixers, reactors, and blenders used in various industries to increase product quality, consistency, and throughput while automating production. Specializing in the design and manufacture of high-performance industrial equipment since 1906, Readco Kurimoto, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most versatile, and robust industrial equipment available on the market today!

Readco Kurimoto, LLC’s collaborative sales process is designed to create a relationship based on mutual trust and transparency. This begins with a questionnaire followed by in-depth conversations with the prospective customer and our team to understand the required critical success factors. Though a combination of hands-on lab testing in our state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities, education of our technologies, and precise process controls, Team Readco will work to definitively prove we have a machine to overcome your toughest challenges or improve upon your current processes.

Each product line is customizable and specifically engineered to meet the customers' needs, designed to provide the highest performance level and reliability, and backed by a team of experienced professional engineers and technicians. If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage, Readco Kurimoto, LLC is a perfect choice for your most challenging processing needs. Contact Readco Kurimoto, LLC today to learn more about our products and services.

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- PMCA 77th Annual Production Conference

Readco recently participated in the 77th Annual Production Conference, hosted by the Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association. Held at the Lancaster County Convention Center, this premier technical conference drew professionals and students from around the world. During the event, Readco showcased its Continuous Processor, demonstrating how it could significantly enhance mixing efficiency. Attendees witnessed a working […]

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- Plant Based World Expo

Readco to attend Plant Based World Expo in New York, NY. We are showcasing our continuous processer line designed just for food production. We are also unveiling our 2” CP demonstration model with clear barrel. Get a real feel close-up look inside of our equipment and the opportunity to control with our partner Melfi Technologies […]

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