Because We Test and Evaluate All Applications, the Readco Guarantee

As a process improvement company, we are often challenged with replacing existing manufacturing methods or developing an entirely new application all together. Through extensive experience and on-site lab testing, we have helped numerous companies improve and develop their products across a wide range of industries, from chemical and pharma to the food and confectionary sectors.

Test it before you buy it! On-site lab testing is one of the most valuable tools we offer. For each test, our staff builds a continuous pilot production line, complete with all required feeders and pumps. We test your actual ingredients and make the product. Data from these tests are then used for qualifying material and scaling up to production equipment. Find out more about the process “Lab Testing

Because We Stick to Our Values

At Readco Kurimoto, we believe in building meaningful partnerships that last a lifetime. We share a genuine interest in your mission and future growth.
Every product we help produce is special and deserves to be treated as such. We take confidentiality very seriously, as many existing customers consider our continuous processing technology to be “the heart” of their process. Because we emphasize integrity, we will never divulge your information or any of our customers’ information. This has helped us become the trusted consultant for many fortune 500 corporations as well as fledgling startups and everyone in between.

We build on our product excellence and technology to provide superior products and services that help our customers gain a competitive advantage in their market. We pride ourselves on open and transparent communication throughout our entire collaboration. Please read our full “Mission Statement

Because of Our Team

Going above and beyond is our standard practice, and our team continually achieves this standard. We believe that our extensive experience and diversity of talent uniquely prepares us for any application that comes our way. Each of our team members is dedicated to helping you grow your business and to meet your long-term and short-term goals.

Building long-lasting relationships is not only imperative to our success, but it is also a driving factor of our organization. Communication, Alignment, and Accountability are highly valued and a priority of our company; following these values allows us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We strategically evaluate each challenge we solve and every project we complete based on these criteria: What went well, where we have room for improvement, and — given a similar opportunity — what we would do differently next time?

Because We are a Trusted Advisor

You are the expert when it comes to your product. You and your company have the knowledge and experience to know what has worked well for you to date, and most likely you have some stories of what you have learned from past that did not work as well as intended. Readco is the expert in continuous processing technology and the equipment which we test, engineer, and manufacture. Similarly, our experience has given us a deep well of knowledge to draw from. When working collaboratively, our motto is “Your success is our success!”

We are honored to be the trusted advisor of some of the most notable and prominent corporations in the world. Whether we are working side-by-side with your chemists, scientists, engineers, and production personnel to develop your latest product in the R&D stages or providing an innovative custom solution to greatly improve upon your existing processes, Readco Kurimoto, LLC is committed to work with you every step of the way.

Why Readco? Because your product is our passion.