Readco offers the unique opportunity to test your product and application in our York, Pennsylvania facility using your material and formulations. We demonstrate our machines in a fully equipped test laboratory, which includes our OEM processors and supporting equipment.

Our lab technicians work with you to achieve favorable results by adjusting the numerous variables, we are able to fine tune operational parameters that will allow us to scale to production equipment, create samples of your material for immediate or off-site evaluation and determine the rates you can expect to achieve.

Typically, in one to three days of testing, feasibility can be proven and the machine can be configured to suit your specific product and mixing needs.

Readco compiles the data and provides a detailed lab test report for your records with actual test parameters, pictures, and documentations. Samples are provided for your evaluation. This data can then be transferred directly to your production line with identical results.

This is a great time to learn more about our equipment and your product. We also support formulation changes as you change and grow.


Live web streaming of lab tests

Readco Kurimoto provides live web streaming of the laboratory testing process. When you conduct a test at our facility, your company can choose to view our secure live web stream of the test. Security precautions have been undertaken so that only authorized personnel are allowed to view the stream to maintain confidentiality. Prior to the start of the test, the customer will be sent a log on procedure. However, we do encourage onsite participation to ensure the quality of your product. This included streaming service allows additional parties to witness the actual results and participate in the process at no additional cost.

Available Readco Kurimoto equipment for test include:

  • 1”, 2” and 5” Continuous Processors
  • SC-100 Processor
  • 4” Continuous Hybrid Reactor
  • Labmaster Containerized Batch Mixers



Melfi Readco Joint Brochure (PDF)
Melfi Technologies Feeder Solution (PDF)


*Readco maintains a fleet of supporting equipment to provide full process demonstration; with state-of-the-art process controls (loss in weight) by Melfi Technologies.