Readco Kurimoto, LLC operates a rental program as part of our quoting process which allows you to install our equipment into your facility for detailed evaluation. Our customers take advantage of our rentals when they need more data than could be collected during the time allotted for an initial lab test. This typically occurs because some products need data collected over much longer periods of time than our lab is capable of addressing, or when customers have far more variations in their product formula than usual. Allowing you to continue your development work is part of who we are at Readco Kurimoto, LLC. We strive to prove that our machines are capable of handling the most complex and difficult applications, while being flexible enough to handle formula changes when necessary.

Secondarily, renting a machine enables other people in your organization the chance to see firsthand exactly how the equipment operates. This can be helpful when preparing maintenance staff and machine operators for a change in machinery.

Readco has these units available:

  • 2” and 5” Continuous Processors
  • Self- Contained Processor 100 
  • 4” Continuous Hybrid Reactor
  • RK Labmaster 1 to 12 Qt vessels
  • RK1 (1″ Continuous Processor)

Please contact us for all the rental options and terms.

Self-Contained Processor 100 Self-Contained Processor 100

4 inch Continuous Hybrid Reactor 4” Continuous Hybrid Reactor

RK Labmaster 1 to 12 Qt vessels RK Labmaster 1 to 12 Qt vessels

RK1 (1 inch Continuous Processor) RK1 (1″ Continuous Processor)

Below are photos of Readco Kurimoto, LLC's 2" and 5" rental mixers.