The Self-Contained Processor (SCP) is a highly efficient heat transfer processor using hollow counter-rotating shafts and a barrel jacket, each with their independent temperature controls. This creates a continuous, stable, and efficient heat transfer source using heating or cooling mediums; making it perfect for continuous drying or evaporative applications. Whether it’s for converting liquid materials into powders, specialized crystallization, or transforming a low viscosity fluid into a high viscosity slurry it has you covered. The high heat transfer can be accompanied by vacuum draw that allows for quick removal of moisture and volatiles. Additionally, the SCP is highly effective at processing materials that transition through difficult phase changes.

Industries and applications that commonly use Self-Contained Processor:

  • Epoxy/urethane/acrylic/polyamide resin solutions
  • Metallic soaps
  • Aluminum solutions
  • Wood powder
  • Liquid paint waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Sticky candy (taffy)
  • Food additives

The SC Processor is used for:

  • Solvent removal
  • Crystallization
  • Chemical reactions
  • Polymerization
  • Degassing
  • Cooling
  • Evaporation
    • Increasing viscosity of slurries
    • Transforming slurries to powders



SC Processor Brochure (PDF)