If you require reliable continuous manufacturing equipment for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products, Readco Kurimoto, LLC can provide you with the systems you need. The pharmaceutical industry relies on a variety of equipment such as the Continuous Processor (CP), Containerized Batch Mixer (CBM), Self-Contained Processor (SCP), and Continuous Hybrid Reactor (CHR).

As pharmaceutical manufacturers seek innovative ways to manufacture drugs, they’re using processes such as continuous manufacturing. Throughout this process, both input and output take place simultaneously. Continuous manufacturing entails running a single machine or a series of equipment to  produce the total product quantity required. Many manufacturers are designing new formulations from inception utilizing continuous manufacturing as part of the research and development phase.


Continuous Manufacturing Capabilities and Standards

Our equipment can help ensure compliance with strict industry standards and regulations, including FDA, USDA, ASME, and ASTM standards. While continuous manufacturing may require a higher initial investment, it offers a quick ROI with increased efficiency. It also improves traceability with the proper integrated controls monitoring each input. 

We offer continuous manufacturing equipment for a wide range of applications in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Mannitol
  • Hydrogels
  • Cough drops
  • Pharmaceutical pigments
  • Food shellac
  • Anti-microbial products
  • Seaweed extraction
  • Topical creams 



A combination of pills, capsules, and tablets; with some granulation of medicine next to it. Using our systems, our customers achieve consistent production without any batch-to-batch variations. They also benefit from just-in-time production, enclosed designs that are pharma-safe, and customized sanitary designs with specialty materials. In addition, customers experience fully automated production, with minimal maintenance which is essential for continuous production. 

You can confidently produce pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals of all types to the highest quality with our equipment. We will perform lab testing in our pilot plant using your materials to definitively prove that we will accurately manufacture the product to your precise specifications, with guaranteed scale up to production rates and a 100% success rate.


Continuous Manufacturing for Pharmaceuticals

Continuous manufacturing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products can often be achieved through dry mass granulation, which is a more efficient and effective means of mixing materials of high viscosity. Continuous chemical reactions also take place, facilitating the continuous devolatilization of high-viscosity materials. Through our controls partner, Melfi Technologies Inc., you can benefit from formula and recipe management, quality control, and the ability to track and trace production throughout the manufacturing process.


Benefits of Continuous Manufacturing

There are several key advantages of continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, such as:

  • Reduced manufacturing expenses in the long term through continuous 24/7 operations
  • Reduced risk of human error through increased automation
  • Shorter production times that decrease manufacturing times from weeks to days
  • Improved overall product quality
  • More efficient monitoring using automated monitoring techniques along with predictive maintenance
  • Ideal for optimizing new products in the R&D stage due to FDA process qualification requirements
  • Reduced material handling, leading to less labor and inventory to further reduce production costs and increase efficiency
  • Less environmental impact because of reduced waste production and energy usage compared to other less sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Immediate neutralization of catalysts and reactive agents to mitigate the risk of adverse reactions
  • Real-time quality assurance via oversight systems as well as lot number tracking capabilities to maximize throughput and decrease scraping
  • Availability in multiple machine sizes for minimal to extremely high production rates and R&D


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Medicine Pills, Capsules, and tablets on spoons and in a mortar and pestle.

Continuous Mixers from Readco Kurimoto, LLC

Continuous manufacturing is vital for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products of all types. At Readco Kurimoto, we offer a variety of continuous mixers for applications in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries to facilitate the continuous production of many products. We can also provide customers with our Readco Continuous Processor, which offers superior homogenization and mixing to meet the needs of many pharmaceutical applications. Our processor has greatly enhanced products such as ointments, pill formulations, gels, and creams.

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Equipment suitable for this industry:

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