Readco’s Continuous Processor (CP) has been a revolutionary piece of equipment for over 60 years, for a wide variety of industries. From food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, to polymers, and building products; it has done it all. Designed to mix one or more dry materials with one or more liquid materials on a continuous basis, producing a homogenous product at the discharge end of the unit. The variable configuration of its co-rotating mixing elements and feed ports
allows it to process a wide array of products! Need a mixer that can produce high shear and handle high viscosity material production? No problem, the Readco Continuous Processor loves high viscosity materials; (1,000,000 centipoise is light duty!) and with the capability to precisely adjust the amount of shear imparted into a product. This allows it to be used for gentle kneading as well as lower viscosity applications.

The Readco Continuous Processor is a high-quality machine used in various industries. The processor can handle a range of products, from low to high viscosity, and is capable of various mixing intensities. The continuous mixer is easy to operate and maintain and can mix an extensive variety of products. The mixer is capable of high shear; it can also be configured to produce a gentle mixing action to avoid damaging delicate ingredients.

What is Continuous Mixing?

Continuous mixing is a process that creates a consistent mixture of powder and liquid materials by precisely metering the raw materials as they enter a mixing chamber and then subjecting them to the required amount of shear intensity. It balances the total volume of raw materials entering and exiting the chamber, allowing a continuous mixed material stream. This process is often used in industrial settings to streamline and automate production on a single, uninterrupted line.

Continuous mixing is a method of removing irregularities caused by batch-to-batch cycles. The raw material is added in phases to ensure optimal product quality while maintaining the maximum degree of throughput. Additionally, indirect heating or cooling is available as required to obtain the product characteristics and/or specifications.

The entirely enclosed design of the mixing chamber is helpful in two ways, depending on the application. For starters, it prevents external pollutants from contaminating the product being blended. Second, it aids in the reduction of unwanted emissions in production.

How Our Continuous Processor helps your business

The processor shifts production from large volume, low shear batch mixing to a smaller volume chamber with variable shear intensity. This helps to improve efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining a high-level of quality. Additionally, the processor can produce material at varying throughputs without compromising the product’s integrity. The Continuous Processor is particularly effective for high viscosity applications, one million centipoise is considered light duty in this machine!

In general, the Continuous Processor allows for a more consistent mix, better quality control, and increased production rate. At the same time, it consumes less energy, requires less floorspace, creates less waste, and reduces the personnel needed to accomplish the required production needs.

Continuous Processing with Consistent Quality

Consider utilizing a continuous mixer if you need a dependable method of mixing one or more powders with one or more liquids for human or animal use. Using this versatile piece of machinery will assist you in producing a more uniform end product while decreasing material waste and enhancing product quality.

If you are in the market for a high-quality, versatile, and easy-to-use machine, the Readco Kurimoto LLC Continuous Processor is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about the continuous processor and how it can benefit your business.

10 Reasons Continuous Processing is Better than Batch Mixing

  • More consistent product. Using loss-in-weight feeders and pumps eliminates batch-to-batch variation associated with manual loading and increases finished product consistency.
  • Safety. Fully enclosed continuous processors don’t require opening to add ingredients, mitigating the risk of accidents near moving components.
  • Lower labor costs. Continuous processing eliminates many of the manual loading and handling operations involved with batch mixing, resulting in higher output per labor hour.
  • Less floor space. By eliminating surplus equipment and reducing material storage requirements, a continuous processing system needs less space than a conventional batch processing operation of the same capacity.
  • Shorter cycle times/faster throughput. A continuous processing system will compress the total production cycle time by removing the steps and delays inherent to batch mixing.
  • Reduced environmental impact. Dust and other airborne contaminants are kept inside a continuous processor, unlike batch processing systems that can contaminate a work area. 
  • Less waste. Since continuous processors only work on a small quantity of material at a time, the material waste is greatly reduced should a rare processing error occur.
  • Fewer steps. A continuous processor performs multiple operations in a single unit, such as mixing, crystallizing, evaporating, and reacting.
  • Less equipment. Combining processes in a continuous system eliminates unnecessary equipment, simplifying the total system and reducing overall costs. It also provides better integration with automated machinery.
  • Less work in progress. A continuous processing system facilitates just-in-time manufacturing by minimizing costs associated with material handling and inventory.

The Readco Continuous Processor is used in processes involving:

  • Mixing
  • Compounding
  • Kneading
  • Shearing
  • Encapsulating
  • Crystallizing

Continuous Mixing Applications:

  • adhesives
  • batteries: lead/acid; li ion; ni cd
  • brake lining
  • candy
  • catalysts
  • cement board/wall board
  • cheese
  • chemical reactions
  • chewing gum & gum base
  • chocolate conching
  • composites/nano composites
  • compounding
  • continuous low moisture granulation
  • continuous powder blending
  • crystallization
  • doughs
  • encapsulants
  • fibers/flavor encapsulation
  • herbicides
  • magnetic ink/tape
  • meats/emulsions
  • molding compounds
  • nutraceuticals
  • nutrition/fruit bars
  • peanut butter and fillings
  • pet foods
  • pharmaceuticals
  • pigments
  • powder injection molding
  • sealants
  • spices
  • silicone
  • pigment/die encapsulation

Continuous Processor Videos

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