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Running our pilot process trial at ReadCo-Kurimoto was a pleasant and successful experience. Excellent technical support from experienced professionals that understood and met our requirements. They demonstrated willingness to run and evaluate modified process conditions to make the process trial successful.

Paul Pothier
Research Scientist
Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc.

Going from Batch to Continuous Inline Blending…it is a leap of faith but the Readco Continuous Processor allows you to gain control of your process. You can change recipes instantly, test different formulations and now can tighten the parameters of your process.

Peter Marino
M.A. Olson Company

Our company used to implement many batch mixing systems. Batching is a very complex process with all kinds of discrete steps that have to be verified before pushing to the next discrete step. With the Continuous Processor everything is simplified to a single system operating in a steady-state condition. This has reduced the cost and complexity of our control equipment while simplifying the data collection process.

Delmar Schmidt
Melfi Technologies

I have been in the process industry for over 30 years, and have found the Readco Kurimoto Continuous Processor to be the most versatile piece of equipment I have ever used. From mixing of high viscosity multi-ingredient products; to reacting compounds; to crystallizing slurries; to dry powder granulation — the Continuous Processor does it all. It is robustly designed, easy to clean, and easy to control thus always making uniform products.

Steve Levin
Process Solutions, Inc.

We recently completed a flavor compounding project that involved a two part dry formula. The continuous processors unique design allowed for the controlled melting of the major “carrier” ingredient (isomalt), and the required blending of the volatile minor flavor. The processor performed the difficult heat and mass transfer flawlessly.

Roger Parrish
Pneutech Engineering

When dealing with a concept change such as changing from batch to continuous, you can set up a complete demonstration of the process at Readco’s state of the art test facility. You will be totally surprised with the wide range of ancillary equipment within this laboratory, and the capability of closely duplicating the proposed process. You can trust your specific application to Readco’s technical application knowledge and equipment.

Jim Welker
Process Application Engineer
Partners for Progress

We rely on the Readco mixer to homogenize our difficult to homogenize metal and ceramic powders with polymers for powder injection molding. The Readco mixer provides a high shear rate and extremely fast processing time which are ideal for our development systems. The mixer is very reliable, easy to clean, and has produced many development products that subsequently went into high volume manufacturing.

Don Heaney Ph.D
Powdered Metals Engineer

Continuous processing is the ultimate in material processing, eliminating multiple steps, in-process testing, process interruptions, product waste, scale-ups and bulk product transfers, leading to reduced cost and consistent and improved quality products.

Dr. Ismat Ullah
President, Simple Pharma Solutions, LLC

The processor offers a unique processing technology for mixing of resin with glass fibers ina continuous way. The result is a homogenous mixed compound with no degredation in the fibers and very good wet out of the the fibers at the same time.

Tobias Potyra
Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology

As an engineering firm who specializes in Material Handling Systems, we have seen our customers move from Batch Mixing toward Continuous Mixing. This is due to the ease of continuous mixing systems, which require less material handling steps, less equipment, a simplified control system, as well as less horsepower used, less cleanup, etc. This all adds up to additional labor and cost savings for the customer.

We highly recommend Continuous Mixing Systems to our customers.

Robert Milligan
Process Engineering Systems, Inc.

One of the key operations in chocolate manufacture, after the cocoa bean roasting, winnowing, grinding etc. is the “conching” stage where the chocolate paste is refined into finished chocolate. This was, until recently, done by batch operations involving mixing in large vessels, called “conches”, for 12 to 24 hours, before discharging it to bulk tanks. This is a time, energy consuming, and inefficient way of making finished chocolate, which in my view and experience, the Readco-Processor has made obsolete.

The Processor with its twin screw, co-rotating , precise shearing and temperature control design, can convert the chocolate paste consistently and continuously into finished product. Its self cleaning design allows it to be used on a variety of chocolates with quick change from one to another, often required by chocolate suppliers.

M.S. Jeffery
Jeffery Associates

The Readco-Kurimoto “continuous processor” is a versatile, compact and efficient machine for structure-forming unit operations in food manufacturing. Food processes combining such unit operations as mixing, dispersion and heating, especially of high-viscosity high-solids systems, are accomplished rapidly and in continuous format.

Prof. Gregory R. Ziegler
Food Industry Consultant

The Continuous Processor has two main advantages for processing compounds.

  1. With the large internal void volume, it can take low bulk density materials without jamming
  2. It can accept significant vacuum techniques that will allow the removal of volatile materials

Larry Bourland Ph.D
polyVisions Inc.