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Lab Testing - Evaporation and Drying

We highly recommend lab testing here in our York, Pennsylvania facility using your material and formulations.  We demonstrate our machines in a fully equipped test laboratory, which includes an SC Processor, pumps, feeders, temperature control equipment, a thin-film evaporator, and other ancillary equipment.  By adjusting the numerous variables on the SC Processor, our lab technicians work with you to achieve favorable results.  We have a machine available which is capable of processing 50 lbs/hr to 150 lbs/hr. in a typical drying application.


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blending and testing

Live web streaming of lab tests

Readco Kurimoto introduces live web streaming of the laboratory testing process. Now when you conduct a test at the York, Pennsylvania facility, customers can view live web streaming of that test. Security precautions have been undertaken so that only those with proper security clearance are allowed to witness that video.

The procedure is simple. Prior to the start of the test, the customer is sent a log on procedure and password description. A time is selected by the customer to view the results on line so they can use their on site representative to bring them up to speed on the testing. At the point of viewing, the customer simply logs on from the instructions and they will be a live witness to what is happening. Because of noise levels of some tests, this is video only, not audio. One tip that you must emphasize with anyone using this service is that they must test the web streaming capability at their facility the day before the actual test. We have found that some firewall or security set ups may prevent viewing. That can be easily corrected by the viewer, but should be diagnosed ahead of time. This is not a replacement for having the customer at Readco Kurimoto during a test. We still must insist that there is someone present that can determine if we are making the right material, because we understand our mixer, but we do not know how they make their product. We will not conduct tests using only the web streaming, because this is intended to be an additional resource, not a substitute for a lab test. The web streaming allows additional parties to witness the actual results and participate in the process.

It is a very important step in increasing our exposure and our abilities with customer requirements. It will offer increased visibility to our customers and the value of on-site testing.

For more detailed information, specifications and photos on evaporation and drying, click here.

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blending and testing
Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Address: 460 Grim Lane, York, PA 17406 – Phone: 1-800-395-4959

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