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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you do in less than one minute that right now takes me 4 hours?
    A: Because the Continuous Processor is working on a small quantity of material continuously, the heat transfer, shearing, and mixing actions are being done simultaneously as the material travel down the enclosed mixer barrels.
Q: What about down time for clean up? It takes us one 8 hour shift to clean our batch mixer.
    A: With the clean wiping and cleaning design of the mixer elements, simply by turning off all the feeders and pumps and allowing the mixer to run for a minute or two it will be 95% clean on its own. Then you can purge the remaining material.
Q: Explain to me how your mixer can help me with my JIT mandate?
    A: Simply because the flow out of the discharge is continuous, simply by turning the feeders on and off you can precisely control how much product you need to produce in a given time period.
Q: Your equipment looks like an extruder. What is the difference?
    A: The obvious difference is the Readco Continuous Processor is 50% cheaper than an extruder. If you do not require high pressures (over 200PSI) and you don’t need a specific shape final product you don’t need to be spending extra money for an extruder.
Q: You talk about batch-to-batch variations. How can your equipment eliminate this problem?
    A: By very carefully controlling the feeders, pumps, mixer, etc you virtually set the standard of accuracy that will be controlled every minute of every hour of every day.
Q: We’ve been doing it this way for 100 years. You can’t do it any other way.
    A: To be able to understand our process versus your existing process, you need to come into our laboratory and we will demonstrate our equipment making your formulations.
Q: OK, so you make chocolate! You can’t make mine because it is unique.
    A: We have made many different types of chocolate and we can make yours. By adjusting the 6 variables that this machine has we can fine tune our mixer to suit your very unique formulations.
Q: OK, so how can you prove to me and my organization that what you are saying isn’t just blowing smoke?
    A: Running a lab test at our facility in York, PA using your actual ingredients. We will set up a mini production system so you can see how the entire continuous process can work for you.
Q: I need proof for what you are claiming. I want to visit an actual customer.
    A: Unfortunately, due to secrecy agreements this is not possible. We honor those agreements just the same as we would honor one for you. Coming into our lab and seeing a complete mini system is the best way we can show you.
Q: What makes your equipment better than anybody else’s?
    A: In one word flexibility. Being able to change the operation of our mixer to react to a very specific requirement of you process, sets us apart from other mixing methods and machinery.

Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Address: 460 Grim Lane, York, PA 17406 – Phone: 1-800-395-4959

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